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Over the last weeks, many of us have experienced stress, anxiety or isolation. But now that we can get back outdoors, we celebrate the positive impacts of nature on our well-being for Mental Health Awareness Week.

Most of us are spending much more time at home and we're noticing the incredible benefits of the outdoors and the joys of species right here on our doorstep! 

There are lots of things we can do to help support good mental health. Here are some tips to connect with nature.

What things have you been doing to help combat any stress, anxiety or isolation?

And if you are looking for any inspiration check out this link from the WWF (the animal people, not the wrestling guys hehe) for some tips on how to re-engage with nature.


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This is very helpful but gotta wonder what is in it for them? Nothing is for free
Posted 4 months ago
I find mindfulness to be particularly Helpful. The whole essence of being in the now is great for those feeling any type of anxiety or stress. Take an orange or anything you want that is substantial, start with fruit i would advse. touch it, Sniff it, look at it, focus at it, Can you feel your sense locked into just that? That is mindfulness
Posted 4 months ago
Good advice on this one. But it starts small right? Just start by getting a breah of fresh air
Posted 4 months ago
I've been going on a lot of walks lately, I feel like I'm noticing things about my area that I've never picked up on before haha
Posted 4 months ago
Now that the world is on pause I guess its the perfect time to really take in your surroundings
Posted 4 months ago
What if everyone at the beach is just trying to connect to nature haha
Posted 4 months ago
Omg @Robyn haha that could actually be a good excuse or everyone wanted their "unlimited exercise" to be on the beach
Posted 4 months ago
As someone who's had issues with anxiety for years, this lockdown has been weirdly nice for me purely because I've been able to go and see green areas. Just going for a walk, a run or even just sitting in the park and reading has definitely helped me feel more at ease with the situation we're all in. I agree with @Jacob too – practicing mindfulness is very useful for helping to cope with the world we live in.
Posted 4 months ago
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