Will Britain ever have a BAME PM?

Posted by ruben-pillai

Great Britain has a long history dating back years and years from becoming a small island to pretty much ruling the world with the British empire. After all there was the saying that the sun never set on the British Empire  

Unfortunately much of our history and achievements is shrouded in so much controversy from how it was achieved but that is for another conversation between people a lot smarter than I am.

Now through the ages Britain has always been ruled by the monarchy along with the PM and what do they all have in common...no BAME representatives in there at all (unless I have missed somebody), so my question will we ever have a BAME PM in the future...we've already broken the so called 'wall' when we elected a female so why not a BAME? 




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No way The imperialism festered in this country combined with the general divide and hate due to classism will make that impossible.
Posted 1 week ago
LOOL this country Are you aware of the british empire and the disgusting colonialism it left in its wake and the propaganda that has been running since the days of the iron curtain winston big willy churchill. Sorry but no. A huge psychological reawakening would have to occur for that to happen on this small island
Posted 1 day ago
Get rid of the monarchy, Ger rid of this Orwellian government that is in place Get rid of the imperialistic, neo -colonized mindset people in this country are indoctrinated in.... Then we can have this conversation.
Posted 1 day ago
Possiblty. But a lot of things would need to happen. We know politics is all about divide and conquer. Not everyone will like you. You have to pick your lesser evil and really connect with them and hope them, along with defectors from the rival group or those who are just really inspired by you will go your way. I can definitely see it happen, but the "TYPE" you are plays a huge factor.
Posted 1 day ago
Posted 12 hrs ago
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