Midful art of discovering your dream job

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13 May 2020


How can positive psychology and art of ikigai help you discover your dream job?

Positive psychology is definitely not about thinking positively and not allowing negative thoughts. Positive psychology is based on a one but wise question asked by Don Clifton  in 1949: “All these years psychology has been focusing on what is wrong with people. What would happen if we actually studied what is right with people?”. 

We all have been guilty of that approach. We tend to focus on our short-comings and forget about our strengths. We self-obsess about not being good enough, on working on ourselves. Now imagine that you spent this time instead working on your strengths. How extraordinary could you become? “But I don’t have many strengths” you might say. Each of us has blinds spots, not only about the things that we don’t do well but also about things that we do well. We tend to take for granted things that come easy, naturally for us and we fail to observe that they do not necessarily come as easy for others. Those things are your strengths. So how to break that cycle? 

Strengths' based psychology and Clifton’s work is based on 3 principles:

1. People can clarify their strengths.

2. People’s greatest room for growth is in the area of building on their strengths.

3. People can build strengths-based organisations that achieve ongoing success.

There are many ways that allow you to clarify your strengths. However, each of them needs to include an element of self reflection. Most of the day we spend on autopilot, allowing the instinctive part of our brain to take the lead and not really reflect on what, how and why we are doing. A way to turn yourself into this reflective mode is to actually set some time to think and become intentional about what you do and to reflect on it. There are some practices you could do yourself like e.g. journaling but especially if you are new to this - a workshop during which someone guides you through reflection and provides you with useful exercises is highly recommended. You can also benefit from observations of fellow workshop participants. Having led workshops on career exploration, I have observed how people through sharing their reflections are discovering or re-discovering insights about themselves, their strengths, values and real priorities. 

I am a strong believer that combining self-reflection and creativity with some grounding techniques can help you arrive at new opportunities. Through a combination of my passion towards design thinking & self-reflection and my past recruitment experience,  I am offering interactive workshops which help you understand what are your strengths and how can you build your career around them.

Reflection might seem flimsy and intangible and surely it is just the first step towards a change that you want to see. Ikigai is a wonderful framework that helps you to systemise all new insights in a clear way. Ikigai means ‘a reason for being’ and comes in a form of 4 circles that cross each other. The circles symbolize accordingly:

1. The things that you love doing

2. The things you are good at (your strengths)

3. The things that world needs 

4. The type of working environment that you strive in

Centered in the middle of those circles is your  ikigai which combines all four aspects. Finding it allows you to lead a meaningful and fulfilling career that is tailored to your unique predispositions.

I would like to invite you to come to my workshop, try something new, learn something new about yourself and start defining your ikigai.

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